Working on a small commercial shoot

Recently, I had the opportunity to work on a commercial shoot for a client who was relaunching her handmade leather journals. This was a great opportunity for me to work towards a specific brief. My preferred way of working is to meet before any shoot to discuss the details. This should always be the case for any shoot.

Next came the day of the shoot, which I came prepared and early. There were two parts to the shoot, the products and the model. I focused in the morning on the products to get the best from the large window and the super soft light from the cloudy day.

The next part of the shoot was with a model in a local café bistro. I brought out the studio lights and worked with a single large softbox to create some depth and contrast. If you know my work, you will know I like contrast, depth and mood. Choosing an area with a nice clean background and away from the other customers so as to cause the least inconvenience possible.

Suffice to say, we had a great shoot. I was very focused on what I was doing but I was very happy with the results I was achieving. The response I received from the client was overwhelming and it is how I gauge immediate feedback.

If you are interested in a commercial shoot with me then please do contact me. I am more than happy to discuss your requirements and get on board with your vision.


Paws in the Park - Sept 2018

I have been to several dog agility shows and events over the last couple of years. These have proved to be a real testing ground of my skills; they say never work with animals or children. However I like a challenge and I do love pets. I had been to ‘Louandi’ agility events, ‘Spaniel Spectacular’ and ‘M.A.D’ agility. So, when ‘Gefion Dog’ invited me to Paws in the Park in September I had no idea how big an event this was. I set up a photographic background for some interesting photos and all was quiet until around 1pm. I did not stop. I was run off my feet. I had person after person come to me and have a photo of their dog or of with their dog. Little did I realise the group sitting on the floor, who I had thought were resting next to my setup, were actually queuing for a photo. I was both surprised and completely humbled.


I had an event photo printer attached to my laptop, which allowed pet owners to view and pick the images and size they wanted. I printed them there and then allowing people to enjoy their purchase. This lasted the whole weekend!

So now the question comes. What next? Well I have been invited back to Paws in the Park by Gefion Dog. So, I’ll have to make sure I have an interesting setup for the next show. Added to that, the large professional printer purchased to give enhanced quality large prints.